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May 10, 2019
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May 10, 2019

Top 10 Forklift Manufacturers of 2018

At the risk of torturing a cliché, forklift sales are up and continuing to rise. In the North American market, 2017 sales were up 9.5% over 2016, reaching a new benchmark of 253,146 units sold. That’s the first time more than a quarter-million units were sold in one year in North America, according to Brian Feehan, president of the Industrial Truck Association, the trade group representing lift truck manufacturers.

There was really no downside to the market last year, as all truck classes were up over their 2016 numbers, including a 19% growth for internal combustion (IC) class 5 trucks. In terms of market share, electric trucks overall accounted for nearly two-thirds (64%) of all trucks sold in 2017.

The news was just as uplifting on a global scale, with total units sold reaching a new high of 1.33 million. All geographies saw gains in units sold over 2016, with the biggest climb coming from Asia, which rose 26% in the past year. All told, world industrial truck sales were up 15% in 2017.

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