Safety and Training Advantage

How Much Does an Accident Really Cost?

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 95 million people miss work each year due to on-the-job injury; warehousing tops the list of dangerous occupations. Beyond the physical and emotional impact, the cost of all those injuries adds up in several ways. The average work-related injury leads to $38,000 in direct expenses and an additional $150,000 in indirect costs. This means that a single injury could cost your business a total of $188,000.

Common Employer Costs Associated with the Job Site Injuries?

• Loss in productivity
• Lost business opportunities
• Salary of the injured worker and their downtime replacement
• Reimbursement costs and expenses to the injured employee
• Equipment, repair, or replacement costs
• Changes to insurance premiums
• Legal costs

The OER Safety and Training Advantage

1. Managed employee records insuring compliance
2. Insure operator license validity
3. Decrease onsite injuries
4. Reduction in exposure to corporate litigation and risk
5. Decrease to the overall cost of insurance