Sourcing Advantage

Rental – Renting material handling equipment has been utilized by companies as a way to augment fleet needs during peak seasons or when specific equipment is needed for short term projects.

Leasing – Like renting, companies enjoy some of the same benefits as leasing, but leasing equipment usually requires a longer-term commitment and agreement to keep the equipment. In return for that commitment, the rates are normally lower than rental rates. Leasing units has the flexibility of performing routine maintenance and repair on your own, or Full Maintenance Agreements can be added that will result in the same consistent monthly payment as renting.

Purchasing – OER recommends this method of procurement for companies with lighter-use operations and have a very low potential for equipment obsolescence. Whether it is a cash purchase or financing the purchaser takes possession of the equipment and is responsible for all maintenance and repair. OER can include maintenance and full-service agreements in purchases to assist with the monthly maintenance and repair expenses. For heavy-use operations, purchasing is usually not recommended as the equipment will rarely outlast the finance period.

The OER Sourcing Advantage

1. Single source for all of your equipment procurement needs
2. Trusted staff to help your organization make the correct sourcing decision
3. Partnerships with all major OEM dealers
4. Nationwide delivery of all equipment
5. Brand agnostic procurement